Leaking outside water faucets and a water meter that seems to run when no water is turned on are just a few plumbing problems you might experience outside of your house. Gus Heinze, master plumber and owner of Eagle Plumbing, has years of experience working with water and sewer lines and can take care of your problems.

water meter repair
If your water bill seems high, you may have a leaking water meter.
Eagle Plumbing can determine if this is the problem.

Repairing plumbing problems should be completed by an experienced plumber if you want to prevent more serious problems down the road. Eagle Plumbing can fix or repair the following outdoor plumbing problems:

Water Problems:

  • Water is leaking in yard
  • Problems with water pressure

Outdoor Faucets:

  • Outdoor water faucet will not turn off
  • Outdoor water faucet drips even when faucet is off
  • Slow running outdoor water
  • Need outdoor water faucet moved to different location
  • Need additional outdoor water faucet

Water Lines:

  • Water line is clogged
  • PVC pipe leaks or needs repair
  • Water line froze and cracked or broke
  • Need another water line in the yard
  • Need water line moved

Sewer Lines:

  • Sewer line is clogged
  • Sewer line is broken or has a crack
  • Standing sewage in yard

Water Meter

  • Water meter leaks
  • Water meter does not register water usage
  • Water meter register is spinning too fast
  • Water is standing around water meter

Repair or Add to Outdoor Kitchen

  • Sink
  • Water faucet
  • Hot/cold water connections
  • Gas grill

Tip to Avoid Outdoor Plumbing Problems

  • Texas weather can be tricky, and it can turn cold very quickly. When the weather dips to freezing temperatures, it is best to have those outside pipes and faucets insulated to prevent damage.
  • Avoid water meter leaks when mowing with a riding lawn mower. Instead of driving a mower over the meter box, use the weed eater around the meter area.
  • Call Eagle Plumbing to schedule an appointment to insulate outdoor plumbing.

Local Recommendation

I called Gus on a referral from a friend as I needed a plumber to service a water leak I had in my front yard. Gus, from Eagle Plumbing, was courteous and professional on the phone. The repair was scheduled and completed in a timely manner and the pricing was very fair. I have added "Gus the Plumber" to my speed dial and he will be my plumber in the future. I would recommend Eagle Plumbing to my family and friends.
Cara Graham

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